We’re Your Design Transfer Experts

Transferring the design team’s in-depth knowledge of a product into actual manufacturing requires a change in mindset.

That’s where Nectar comes in. We ease the product design transfer to manufacturing by connecting clients to our strategic production partners, leveraging our industry relationships and existing skillsets, and building on our experience working with various contract manufacturers, both local and international.

Preparing You For Market

Nectar practices Design For Manufacturing (DFM) from the beginning of every project, so that you’ll be fully prepared to bring an effective design to the market. We ensure that both pilot production for V&V testing and production ramp-up, which supports marketing rollout, go smoothly.

Giving You White Glove Treatment

Unique designs like yours require extra care and attention. We know that transferring the deep knowledge of the design team requires assimilation with the production team, and we work collaboratively to ensure that the first devices delivered match your true design intent.

If you have an upcoming design entering the product design transfer and manufacturing process, you’ll want to plan for success.

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Implementing Your Design

After Nectar has finalized a product’s design and demonstrated that it meets all quality standards and requirements, our design engineers hand off the device master record (DMR) to the production facility. This record tracks every aspect of a product in painstaking detail - from board specifications all the way to finishes like color, materials, and finishes or textures (CMF), and is a testament to how immersed a design team is in their work.

Bridging Every Gap

The Nectar design team bridges the gap between design and production by defining and documenting critical production steps while ensuring that easily lost critical knowledge is captured. The Nectar team supports the production team in documenting equipment and fixtures, process settings, and test equipment and parameters.

Whether it’s a scientific instrument or a medical device, our product design transfer team will help ensure that your product is ready for market. Contact us today with questions!